The Group of companies formed of such companies as: the company Tobago Corporation LLP (Great Britain), the company Amlot Pacific LLP (Great Britain) and the company Grand Duke T. T. İNŞ. EML. ENER. ÜRET. PETROLEUM. ÜR. İTH. İHR. SAN.VE TİC. LTD.ŞTİ. (Turkey) dates back to November 2009 year, since the Tobago Corporation LLP establishment.

This Group of companies specializes in integrated professional solutions in the supply of a wide range of high technological oil gas equipment, conforming to the high economical, energetic and ecological standards, as well as develops and implements new innovative design and engineering developments.

Financial, intellectual and organizational capabilities of the group, allowed it to implement successfully the following projects of such major international customers as: Weatherford (USA); Neftemash (Russia); Turkmengeologiya, Turkmenneft, Turkmengas (Turkmenistan). 

In 2015, it was decided to launch a business in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russian Federation. For this purpose, the companies have been established, which are parts of the group: Grand Duke Kazakhstan LLP (22.04.2015 y) and Grand Duke Russia LLC (07.05.2015 y)


Our range of highly-productive drill rigs is suited for a variety of applications, including mineral exploration, mining, energy, environmental sampling and remediation, as well as infrastructure reinforcement and development.

GRAND DUKE KAZAKHSTAN designs and manufactures quality drilling tools for all well applications, including Drilling Jars, Shock Tools, Stabilizers, and more.

We provide a wide variety of wellhead control equipment, including blowout preventers, choke and kill manifold. Our products have gained an increasing popularity in many countries.

Workover tools are used in casing re-entry or through-tubing re-entry applications. They are designed specifically to allow access into the laterals or lower mainbore to perform workover operations.

Drill Pipes, Heavy Drill Pipes, Tubing, Casing and more.